Summer Project: Influence and Inspiration

I felt like the summer project was genuinely an eye opener and a beneficial thing to have done as to be honest before doing the research I didn’t know much about David Carson or his work.  After doing the research I found a lot of his work has either been influenced or helped to influence designers and works I greatly admire. His hands on attitude towards graphics is really inspiring as you don’t see as much of it anymore in this modern age, is way i prefer to work in and a style i much prefer to some of the very straight edge and sometimes soul less feeling design you see in the world today.

Some of the designers that inspired  Carson’s work include the Dada art movement, infamous for their anti art attitude and experimentations in a variety of methods, and Jamie Reid  the designer behind the iconic Sex Pistols album covers. These artists that influenced Carson are also artists i who’s work I find fascinating and have the same hand made approach to their works that i find very effective in portraying their messages.

Rome SDS is a snowboard company who’s general approach to graphic design has been one of my favourite for a very long time. The graphics they use for their boards, their movies and and even their clothing all scream grunge graphics, a style Carson is iconic for developing. This very aggressive and raw looking style fits perfectly with Rome’s punk rock image and is hence very effective in attracting the attention of their target audience.

 Within all of these different designs and designers there are two constants. The fact that i find all of them to be very strong pieces of work and David Carson and his grunge graphics style. Now that I’ve research and understand more about the style and techniques of David Carson and the work he has taken inspiration from and given to others I am very grateful that i chose him as the designer to study over the summer and will no doubt be looking to his works throughout the year for ideas and inspiration.



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