Post Modernism: Duchamps

I found the lecture on post modernism a lot more appealing than the modernism one as i found the characteristics of post modernism much more interesting. Irrational, Anarchy, Chaotic, Fragmental Unstable- all of these word were use to describe what post modernism and i associate all of them with fascinating things. Post-modernism was basically a backlash against the pure and ultimate modernism that had come before. It aimed to attack these ideas of progression and poke fun at the more pompous areas of the art world.

If you take any old piece of crap off the street and sign it it’s art. This was the way the post modernists viewed how art had become and decided to rip the piss out of it by doing this in a literal sense. Marcel Duchamps the famous dada artist communicated this idea with his infamous urinal fountain. By taking an ordinary urinal and giving it a signature he had created art and renamed it a fountain. This sense of humour in Duchamps work was shown in some of his other works like his recreation of the mona lisa, “L.H.O.O.Q” in which he gave here a moustache and goatee combo with the letter L.H.O.O.Q at the bottom which when read out can be roughly heard as “Elle a chaud au cul” (she has a hot ass). I love this sense of humour and poking fun at those who take themselve’s too seriously.


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