Post Modernism

The post modernist view was all about going against progress, creating art that did not necessarily have a purpose or ultimate goal and generally appose the things that modernism stood for. It was basically a rebellion against what had come before it, something i find very interesting. With artists like Malevich creating works all about pure geometry and the perfect form it was only natural for opposing works to be created. Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” is considered a modernist piece where even though it is a dystopia humans have still progressed to a higher level of existence. However this idea is apposed by the 1982 film “Blade Runner” which is also set in the future but is a far darker and bleaker place where anarchy and violence rule hence it can be considered a post modernist work as it goes against progress. I really like the idea of being able to fight against these idealistic views and create something much more powerful and raw that can attack this perfect mindset.

The Buzzcocks single cover for “Orgasm Addict” is another great example of post modernist art and one that I especially like as I love punk rock music. The artwork and their music fit very well together with the the Buzzcocks punk sounds and anti establishment attitudes being complimented by the post modernist, anti art style of the cover. The vibrant and clashing colours make an assault on the eyes and the general strangeness of the content and layout of text of the piece also compliment this theme of anarchy and chaos which i see as a very successful work as it makes you feel like you want to lash out against the norm and create some chaos of your own. It aways seems to me as if theses raw untamed works of postmodernism have a much stronger impact on the viewer and are hence stronger pieces

David Carson definitely fits under the category of post modernism with his radical and not always admired take on graphic design. Using text and imagery he made collages that at first glance would seem like a bunch of jumbled up gibberish but was actually a well thought out piece to draw the viewer in deeper to the work a technique best summarised with “Don’t mistake legibility for communication” His work is something i always look to for inspiration as it is the original source of the grunge graphic movement, a movement that is always exciting to look at with it’s apparent incomprehensible  layouts and very hands on feel that completely defies the modern clean cut computer based graphics.


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