Feminism is a subject i always try and steer clear of for fear of saying something wrong and instantly being shot down. Even writing this I feel as if I’m stepping across a mine field and need to make sure my usually very clumsy way of talking is on top form. Throughout our lecture on feminism there were a lot of very strong views being aired with a few of them clashing and causing a couple of heated debates, however I felt as if there were double standards going on. While there were many issues raised about how woman have been portrayed in things like advertising there were only a few points made about how men have been portrayed. I’m not saying that women haven’t been misrepresented or that people are overreacting to these issues but do feel as if there are two sides to the coin that are not being taken into consideration.

For example, even during the lecture there was a moment when someone had mentioned something about heat magazine’s “torso of the week” and joking that they didn’t read such things and everyone giggled about it but if a guy had said something like that about a lads mag and it’s “boobs of the week” he would have been labelled a pervert. Again, not that I am condoling this kind of thing but i just feel as if a bit of moderation is needed. The world of advertising is full of this double standard way our society sees things, with some adverts like the Minstrels advert being seen as just a bit of light hearted fun and the Snickers advert being see as outrageous and derogatory towards women. I’m not saying that one is right and one is wrong but I just find it interesting how we see some things as funny and other very similar things for similar products as filth.


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